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OБИТЕХ поцинковани стоманени силози са проектирани според всички изисквания за съхранение на зърно. Висококачественото производство е възможно благодарение на специализиран персонал, модерни производствени технологии и пълно автоматизирано производство.


Being aware that high-quality production is only possible by specialized personnel, modern production techniques and full-automated production, OBITECH zinc-plated steel silos and conveyance equipment are designed by the product development/design department to address all grain storage requirements and produced accordingly.

High-quality zinc-plated metal sheets used in silo production resist 450 MPA and are corrosion-resistant. The custom produced metal sheets used in the production of our silos have a zinc plating standard of 450 gr/m2 and 350 gr/ m². The zinc plating ratio changes according to customer demands. OBITECH offers difference silo options, including flat and conical-bottom silos, starting from a diameter of 4.51 m diameter to 31.60 m.
To be able to carry the vertical loads on the silo, vertical suspension supports mounted on the silo surface are used to yield maximum strength. OBITECH vertical suspension supports perfectly distributes the pressure put by the grain in the silo on the side walls of the silo over the bottom of the silo.
To ensure maximum strength at all joints in OBITECH steel silos, Dacromet 500A coated bolts, grade 8,8, are used. To make the silos airtight and waterproof, special sealing elements are used on metal sheets on the silo frame and on the joints of upper roof.
There are safe access doors that can be easily opened and closed on the second floors, and observation lids on the roofs of all OBITECH silos. The silo access door has two layers; the outer layer is made up of a single piece of zinc-plated sheet, and the inner layer is made up of two doors placed one on top of the other. If the grain fill-level of the silo has gone up the access door on the silo side wall, the observation lid on the roof allows access into the silo.

In all OBITECH silos, there are inner stairways to enter the silo, a safety cage external stairway to access silo observation lid on the outer surface of the silo, and a platform to rest. And there are double-railing and safety roof stairways on the roofs to be able to reach the top point of the silos starting from the eaves.

OBITECH silo roofs are among the strongest silo roofs worldwide. OBITECH silo roofs are designed to resist the loads from upper roof conveyance equipment, snow loads, wind loads and the weight of temperature cables. The slope of the 30 degree silo roofs ensures an optimum fill level for the silos. To reinforce the strength and endurance of the upper roofs of wide grain silos, they are designed as cages using special cross-section profiles. The strength of the silo roof is maximized thanks to this architecture.
The temperature command system used in OBITECH silos allows us to identify hot spots and insect activities, freeing our customers from reinstalling the grain conditions on the screen. The OBITECH temperature command system consists of temperature cables, temperature sensors installed inside the cables to measure the grain temperature, and portable or stationary temperature screens. There are special steel ropes inside the temperature cables, protecting the cables against elongation. The temperature command system is aligned with the PLC to allow for controlling the grain temperature inside the silos via the PLC screen.


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