CFCAI Company,

Innovation and research are key areas of development and growth of our company.
Since its inception, the CFC Group - owner of the companies CFCAI and Industrial Applications,
and of the brands LAW and Emile Marot - led his developments for improving
the post-harvest technologies.

Altuntaş A.Ş

One of the leading companies in the world in grain storage systems, Altuntaş A.Ş. got into the industrial life in 1981 in Aksaray. Starting its operations by producing chicken cages, the organization expanded its production range with axial fans, becoming the first organization producing fans in Turkey under the trademark Alfan. Accelerating its activities and thanks to the strength it obtained through its achievements in the sector, the company expanded its vision by adding steel silo production and proved itself under the brand OBIAL with its high quality productions addressing the needs in this specific field.

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