Thanks to the software custom-developed for grain storage systems, all potential errors of the operator are estimated in advance, making the system protected against human errors.
The operator is warned by the system to identify and remedy possible failures in running equipment and power boards with the exact position of the failure, allowing for immediate response.
The software shows the system’s actions so it becomes possible to respond to the system.

The system is automatically interrupted and emergency stops are possible with Emergency buttons against potential dangers, which ensures maximized personnel safety.

Since the system is operated in a certain order and by certain time intervals in conveying all types of grains, any potential failures otherwise (grain clogging the system and resulting physical breaks and failures in system elements caused by overload) are prevented at the onset.

The ability to monitor and use the system, and detect failures over the internet saves time both on the customer and OBIAL side in solving the problem.

The ability to control the command panel on 24V and the insulated structure of the command system and the power board prevents the system from damages in case of failure.


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